#03: The Art of Listening with Renee Ritskes, A Profoundly Deaf Coach

Marj Busse is joined by Renee Ritskes – A women who despite being considered profoundly deaf since she was a young child found a way to shift her perspective and recognize how she could consider her lack of hearing a strength. Renee is a red-seal chef, a mentor and a coach who has built a reputation as being an intentional listener.

Renee Ritskes:

Deaf from childhood, Renee has had to learn to communicate in new ways, honing her listening skills through people watching, body language, and intuition. This has given her the building blocks that mentoring and coaching have built upon, using them to grow her own story and also the stories of others. Through her life, change and transitions have been a constant factor and she believes in developing safe and creative environments for people to explore greater levels of effectiveness through change. Over her thirty plus years of experience, she has developed a distinct coaching style, and over the past ten years, she has enjoyed public speaking, teaching, and coaching leadership teams in the non-profit world through organizational change and growth helping them live out their fullest potential.

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