#6: Adopting a Coaching Mindset with Ed Temple PCC

Ed Temple, PCC joins the podcast to share his journey into becoming a coach and facilitator and a few of the lessons he has learned along the way. Ed explores how adopting a coaching mindset has helped him overcome limitations, build stronger, supportive relationships and address conflict in business, life and at home with his wife and three children.

Ed Temple
Ed is the Co-Director of Alberta SEEDS program for Essential Impact. Ed is an experienced executive and fierce servant (higher purpose) focused on developing leaders across many sectors. For Ed, it is all about helping people and organizations collaborate through social enterprise, social impact and corporate charitable partnerships. Coaching and coach training are opportunities to tap into a leader’s values, strengths and passions and release them for greater team effectiveness, organizational transformation and improved bottom line results.Ed’s diverse background with his coaching and facilitation skills provides an optimal combination for clients and leaders learning coaching skills to thrive!

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The Essential Impact Podcast
The Essential Impact Podcast is an original program hosted by MCC and Founding partner, Marj Busse. In each episode, esteemed guests join Marj to explore the world of coaching and the unique impact it has on their lives, leadership and well-being.

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