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Mentor Coaching

10 hours of International Coach Federation (ICF)

Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)


Essential Impact’s Mentor Coaching package is a highly interactive and challenging journey. Leaders study in a cohort of 10 participants for maximum value. We graduate top coaches and have awards to prove it. Essential Impact’s mentor coaching package meets the International Coach Federation (ICF) requirements.  We provide the 10 hours required for ICF coaching certification. Each participant receives three hours of one-on-one coaching as well as seven group coaching hours.


Mentor Coaching is for those needing to:

  • refresh their skills and get back in the coaching game
  • complete their Essential Impact, Certified Leadership Coach (CLC) requirements.
  • meet their ICF, Associate Certified Coach (ACC) / Professional Certified Coach (PCC) 

10 hour, Mentor Coaching requirements

  • apply for your PCC and need a touch up prior to submitting your recordings

As part of your Mentor coach studying, you will:

  • practice and sharpen your ICF core competencies 
  • work with a highly experienced and successful ICF accredited Essential Impact Mentor Coach.
  • receive one on one verbal and written feedback on your coaching
  • meet the graduation requirements for Essential Impact’s CLC
  • meet the ICF requirements for your ACC application


Program details:

Mentor Coaching Elements: Part A Group and Part B Individual with a Mentor Coach 


Part A: Group Calls:  5 x 90 minute sessions = 7.5 hours

Participate in five group calls where you will, coach, be coached and listen to others coach, which translates to invaluable coaching skill development.  Programs are led by Essential Impact Mentor Coaches. The Mentor Coach will provide personalized verbal and written feedback. 


Each session will be taped so you can review your coaching skills and feedback. ICF requires those tapes to be kept confidential.  We at Essential Impact take very seriously our own values and ethics around confidentiality. Our professionalism depends on it.    


For one missed group call, you may listen to the recording and submit written feedback for approval. Other missed calls are required to be made up with one-to-one coaching, with your Mentor Coach, billed at an additional $150 per call.


B: Individual Coaching: Three X Sixty Minutes = 3 hours  

This includes three private one-on-one coaching calls with your Mentor Coach.  

Private coaching calls are scheduled, within three months of the mentoring program commencing, at mutually agreeable times.


Individual coaching sessions include:

  1. At least once, you coach one of your clients/coachees while your mentor coach listens and takes notes, which you will debrief at the time, and receive written feedback. 
  2. The other two sessions may be used for receiving coaching from your mentor coach, or more 3 way coaching feedback sessions with your own coachee.


This virtual synchronous (facilitated in group) and asynchronous (on your own) course will take place on:

  • Wednesdays September 16, October 7, 28, November 18, December 16
    1:00pm-2:30pm PDT / 2:00pm-3:30pm MDT / 4:00pm-5:30pm EDT


This course is facilitated by International Coach Federation Accredited professionals who are exceptional coaches and facilitators.  The Excelerator™ Coaching System is International Coach Federation (ICF) approved, and the recipient of accolades and global awards. The Excelerator™ Model has been taught to thousands, over 20 years, through individuals, teams, departments and organizations across North America and around the world.


Feedback from Past Participants

Really enjoyed getting an outside perspective on my coaching and I really liked getting constructive criticism with things to work on in the future. Always room for growth!

-Priscilla Laranjeira, Manager of Transformation Practice & Culture


I so appreciated the feedback coaches.  Feedback is where I learn the most and it was good to have external coaches give a fresh perspective of our learning.

-Vicki Yeats, Business Consultant


Unlimited available
Mentor Coaching | Sept 16 Start$1,495.00


Up to $10,000 of funding per participant available each fiscal.

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