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Our services

About the Coaches

Essential Impact partners have been delivering coaching services and various corporate training programs for over twenty-five years. Our partners Dave Busse, Carollyne Conlinn, and Marjorie Busse are joined by associates all of whom are accomplished coaches and leaders in the fields of business education, health care, finance, Human Resources, and other professional backgrounds before becoming coaches.

Each member of this core team has achieved an International Coaching Federation credential of Professional Certified Coach and Master Certified Coach. They are also each CECs (Certified Executive Coach) from Royal Roads University, and have had extensive leadership and executive coaching experience.

Coaching Services

Using a non-directive philosophy of coaching we model the ICF core competencies in our one to one executive coaching, coaching for leadership, mentor coaching, and team coaching.

Our private and executive shadow coaching are also modeled after the non-directive style.

Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Mentor Coaching
  • Impact Circles

Private Coaching

  • Executive Shadow Coaching
  • Private One to One Coaching


Executive internal workshop facilitation incorporates the Essential Impact “Excelerator” models. An interactive training system using “real plays” not “role plays” to address real issues faced in the workplace.

We provide training using 1-day, 3-day and 5-day in-class workshops. Public and Social Enterprise Workshops are also offered externally and follow the same Excelerator model.

Awareness Tools

  • 360 degree feedback debrief
  • Leads 360 degree feedback debrief
  • Personal Strengths Deployment ( SDI)
  • Gregorec style delineator
  • Legacy leadership


  • 1-day Introduction to Coaching
  • 3-day Excelerator Essentials Workshop
  • 5-day Excelerator Mastery Workshop

ICF Certification

Essential Impact is approved  to deliver the 60 hours of ICF accredited coach specific training hours (ACSTH) in addition to the 10 hours of mentor coaching required to prepare individuals to achieve their ACC, PCC, and MCC certifications.

Excelerator Coaching system

  • 1-day Excelerator essentials Introduction to coaching workshop
  • 3-day Excelerator essentials coaching workshop
  • 5-day Excelerator mastery coaching workshop
  • Integration coaching

Continuing Education

In addition to the traditional Excelerator workshops Essential Impact provides training in the Coach Approach to Sales, Facilitation, Licensed Facilitator training and Team Coaching.

Excelerator Continuing education

  • Licensed facilitator training for excelerator system
  • Excelerator essentials coach approach to sales workshop
  • Excelerator essentials coach approach to facilitation workshop
  • Excelerator essentials coach approach to team coaching workshop
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Service Details

Excelerator™ Essentials Intro to Coaching Workshop

One-Day Workshop | 8-hour program

The Excelerator Coaching™ program is a highly interactive program. Learners get enough theory to understand the basic effects of coaching on the mind and how that helps people being coached make sustainable changes.

The Excelerator Coaching™ model consists of 4 modules, each of which encompasses a coaching principle and accompanying concepts, tools, skills, and behaviours. Each brief introduction to the tools for the Excelerator CoachingTM principles includes immediate opportunity to practice working with class mates (using real play, rather than role play).

Learners will coach and be coached thereby experiencing the process from both sides. This double edged experience is critical to establishing the validity, and understanding the power, of effective coaching.

Excelerator™ Essentials

Three-Day Workshop | 24-hour program

This option provides the participants with a coaching model and the skills to address real issues they are faced with in the work place. All coaching conversations are kept confidential and provide the participant a safe place to explore options and address barriers to moving forward. This program is 24 hours in length and may be delivered by Excelerator™ licensed internal coaches.

Participants will have their own coaching evaluated by credentialed coaches to ensure they are practicing to International Coach Federation (ICF) standards. A practical application of coaching in the participants’ work environment will enable them to choose a coach approach to addressing day to day operating issues.

Also available – additional follow up mentor coaching audits to apply learning.

Excelerator™ Mastery

60-hour program leading to ACC credential with ICF | includes 24-hour program content

Delivers 60 hours of ICF approved coach specific training (ACSTH). In addition to core coaching competencies, the program includes practical strategies for launching an internal coaching service, skills to support teams, and ongoing audited coaching with feedback to improve skills and confidence.

Prerequisites for internal coaches to become credentialed by the ICF include having completed 60 hours of approved coach training (Excelerator™ qualifies for this); 10 hours of mentor coaching and audits by an ICF credentialed coach (Essential Impact offers this service), plus 100 documented hours of coaching with at least 8 different clients.

Organizations can train individuals who will provide professional coaching to managers and teams that meet international coaching standards of practice. The application of coaching will be consistent with the company’s values and business practices. Internal coaches are key to establishing and maintaining a coaching culture.

Mentor Coaching

3 – 1 hour sessions | includes one to one private mentor coaching

The focus of Mentor Coaching is to enhance learning and implementation of coaching through a coaching coaching demonstration and receiving feedback. 10 hours of Mentor Coaching (7 of which can be accomplished in group coaching) is required to meet the ICF credentials to be an Associate Certified Coach.

Licensed Facilitator Training

Available to internal coaches who have completed the 60-hour curriculum, and have achieved ICF credential at the ACC level. The training focuses on using a coach approach to facilitation and ensures the delivery of Excelerator™ 3-day workshops that meet ICF standards.

The licensing process requires co-facilitation by an Excelerator™ master facilitator to ensure consistent standards. An annual audit maintains ongoing familiarity with the most current facilitation process and materials.

Ongoing coach training will be available from qualified internal Excelerator™ facilitators who will ensure consistency in the building blocks to creating a coaching culture

360-Degree Feedback with the SDI®

The EI partners are qualified to give SDI’s 360-Degree Feedback, and find that it is an effective process with managers and leaders. It is typically open, bi-directional, and relationship-based as opposed to competency-based.

Strengths Deployment Inventory®

The SDI® is a proven tool for improving team effectiveness and reducing the costs of conflict. It is the flagship assessment of a suite of tools based on Relationship Awareness – a learning model for effectively and accurately understanding the motives behind behaviour. When people recognize the unique motivation of themselves and others, they greatly enhance their ability to communicate more effectively and handle conflict more productively.

All EI partners and associates have achieved their professional credentials to administer and interpret the SDI. Having used this tool with close to 2,000 people over the last five years in workshops and with one-to-one clients, their level of expertise is very high.

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