Coaching Demo: Shifting perspectives!

Changing beliefs and attitudes is one of the Holy Grails of leadership.

But how do we get leaders to shift their beliefs and attitudes towards business and leadership challenges?

In this coaching Demo, Danielle Hockley coaches Dave Busse through a business challenge that he has been struggling with for a long time.

As Dave works his way through the coaching process, he is able to let go of the old beliefs and practices that have been holding him back as a leader.

About the Coach
Danielle is an entrepreneur, wife, mother of four high energy children (one of those is of the large furry persuasion), an avid athlete, coach and life adventurer! Danielle’s background includes education in Sports and Performance Psychology and she has coached leaders, athletes, and teams at college and university levels. Danielle’s artistic side is expressed through her business Designs by Dani.

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