#01: Pilot Episode – SEEDS with Robert Gray, Dave Busse and your host Marj Busse

In our pilot Episode Marj Busse, sits down with Essential Impact’s Director of SEEDS BC and Founding Partner Dave Busse to explore Essential Impact’s growing SEEDS program. This program was designed with the bold idea of embracing the social enterprise model to provide corporate, charitable and non-profit leaders with top-rate International Coach Federation accredited training in an environment that would be affordable and inclusive to all. Imagine a program where a Bank Manager, Addictions Counselor, Church leader and Human Resources representative all sit down at a table together to learn and practice coaching skills with one another. Robert and Dave dive deep into their journeys with this program and the impact its had.

Robert Gray

An accomplished background with more than 5 years’ of coaching involvement, specifically in the not-for- profit world, Robert’s energy is focused on helping people connect their skills and experience to their passions and purpose. He has 20 years’ experience in local church pastoral ministry both in the UK and Canada and is skilled and practiced in teaching; the facilitation of learning, coaching, leadership development, culture and organizational change management, sales and continuous human improvement. He is skilled in public speaking and working with small groups and individuals.

Dave Busse

Dave is a one of Essential Impact’s founding partners and Executive Coach who brings a values-based approach to business. He has strong values around building people, family and excelling. Coaching in Dave’s world isn’t about fixing problems: it’s about identifying opportunities and capitalizing on them in a way that makes sense from a personal and business perspective. Coaching is a deeply rewarding and trusting relationship for Dave. He excels at capitalizing on great opportunities, making tough decisions, and working with leaders who are striving for their next level of greatness.

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The Essential Impact Podcast is an original program hosted by MCC and Founding partner, Marj Busse. In each episode, esteemed guests join Marj to explore the world of coaching and the unique impact it has on their lives, leadership and well-being.

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